Vegetal is a major antagonist and one of Meme Man's biggest rivals, as he gets A N G E R Y when he sees or eats one of these evil beings. V E G E T A L often attempts to sabotage Meme Man's food, often succeeding in doing so. V E G E T A L appears to be a sentient green bean, wearing large shoes and white gloves. He has a happy face to disguise his dark deeds. His foond scale is Warm and Bad.



Vegetals are sentient green beans with white gloves and shoes. 


The Vegetals voice is similar to Orang's (BonziBuddy or Adult Male #2)

Biography Edit

'In the "Riddle of the Rocks", Orang takes the Octahedron, and summons V E G E T A L using it..

History Edit

Internet OriginEdit

According to Know Your Meme, Vegetal originated from a Facebook Post on April 8th, 2016 by Green de la Bean of the Vegetal with the words, "Uh oh! You friccin moron. You just got BEANED! Tag your friends to totally BEAN! them!" It has grown popular ever since. The Green de la Bean Facebook was also the origin of Angery, a surreal meme that involves the Vegetal sabotaging Meme Man's food.

Surreal Memes OriginEdit

The Vegetals were most likely created by orang through the Octahedron of Transcendance but they are also reffered as being "summoned" or "Released" by the Octohedron, so they may have been already existent.

Riddle Of The RocksEdit

Once summoned by Orang, the vegetals proceed to follow Meme Man as he travels to the Capital Dimension. With the help of the pillars , the vegetal take control of the Capital. 

After being revived by the Crustacean of Creation, meme man creates the Vortex of Succ. The vortex then swallows the pillars and vegetal.

This may not be the destruction of the vegetal though, because vegetals are seen in many settings after riddle of the rocks.


Vegetals are intent on trying to sabotage meme man's Steank .

Abilities Edit

  • Vegetals seem to have the ability to rip holes in dimensions and travel through them without consequence.
  • They travel in beams of green energy, emitting a high-pitched, ear-rape-ish sound.
  • Although they are mostly found in groups, Even a single Vegetal can move extremely fast, as seen in the events of Angery, when sabotaging Meme Man's food, and Riddle of The Rocks 2, when Orang summons a horde of Vegetals to attack meme man.

Trivia Edit

  • Vegetal can be used to refer to any type of Vegetal as seen in the meme N O V E G E T A L
  • The theme of Vegetal is a bass-boosted version of U Guessed It by OG Maco.
    • This might be a reference to SiIvaGunner, who used the song in some of his "Bean" rips.
  • They are weak to the Vegital extermination squad.
  • He also appears in the very old and bad Object Induction Wiki created by Ryan A. Styles.

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