"S P E d d" is a meme by dtallon13[1].

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Orang in his Orang-styled car is going 9 speeds while the speed limit is 8 speeds. Meme Man detects him on the speedometer and tries to stop him, but Orang rotates the 8 on the speed limit sign to turn it into "INFINITE SPEEDS." Meme Man responds to the rotated speed limit with "cool and good."

Trivia Edit

  • This may be a sequel to "O R ANG _ S P E E D S" as Orang and Meme Man act in similar roles.
    • Additionally, Orang's ability to rotate numbers was seen before in "Infinite Vegetal"
  • In Timotainment's adaptation, Orang starts out going 6 speeds and rotates the 6 into a 9.

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