Highlighter Man

"Uh oh! You friccin moron." - Highlighter Man
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"Do I exist? I D E N T I T Y C R I S I S"
The subject of this article is Non-Canon. That means it's existence is unconfirmed in surreal memes. However, it is not to be deleted; it either does not exist yet or was created by an unofficial surreal memes creator.

This page is about the pointless page that is not canon in any way. For the the surreal one, see Bepis Man.

Pepsi Man is a mysterious man who has bamboozled us

Trivia Edit

  • All we know is that Pepsi Man has grown out of a Japanese video game and many commercials. He also has made an appearance on the internet
  • His original video game released in 1999 called “Pepsi Man” was made for the PlayStation, and was only released in Japan, even though it was based off of an American carbonated drink character called “Pepsi Man”
  • He still is a bamboozler to all, but we know one thing for sure. He is real, and he is coming, so get yourselves ready and buy as much bEPIS as you can, so you can fight him.