The Octahedron of Transcendence, also just called The Octahedron, is the leading MacGuffin of surreal memes. It's an extremely powerful shanpe that can allow most beings to TRANSCEND, among other things. but, he is the first surreal stone of Memengers: Surreal War. == About == The Octahedron of Transcendence was originally located in the ΠБe145.21th dimension, sitting on an altar while being closely guarded by the Eleph00nt of Shapes. After Orang's great betrayal, THE OCTAHEDRON was taken out of the hands of its protector, allowing all manner of villainous types to try and get their hands on it. (such as The Pillars and Orang himself). It changes hands and locations rapidly, but is currently under safekeeping in Timotainment's basement, who was given it by a group of inter-dimensional fish.

The active Octahedron, while under protection of its guardian: The Elephoont of the Shapes.

== Appearance == The Octahedron of Transcendence is a large multicolored Octahedron. Under most circumstances, it is simply a mixture of dull greens, purples, and oranges. However, when it becomes activated, it glows a bright yellow. Its power can also only be used when it is active. == Abilities == Any carbon-based lifeform who obtains THE OCTAHEDRON in its active state will gain the following powers: Transcendence (Can also be gained from the Elephoont of Shapes) * The ability to control the shapes (Orang sought this power to unleash VEGETAL upon the multiverse) * The ability to anihilate the entire multiverse (The Pillars seek the Octahedron for this purpose) * Infinite duplication * seeing the truth == Requirements == In order to acquire the Octahedron, these must be true: * Two equal carbon-based life forms seek it. * They trust each other. * They manage to solve the Riddle of the Rocks. == Gallery == Infiltration.jpg Octahedron.png Octahedron Of Transcendence.png OCTAHEDRON OF TRANSCENDENCE.gif Surreal Stone 5.png|The Octahedron of Transcendence as seen in Memengers: Surreal War.