"Henlo, do you requie satelite dihses?" - Slunker
The Money Face, also known as Slunker, is one of the many Surreal Memes Characters.

He likes to sell Meme Man and others satelite dishes. He also tried to lend Meme Man him a hand, but Meme Man had plenty. Very little is known about him.

He is also presumed to be a family member of Meme Man and was one of the five heads who lived together in Meme Lads.

In one period of meme lads he becomes Death Lord Slunker: lord of the Death Realm

Appearance Edit


Slunker is a 3D head like meme man. he has blue eyes and a strange mouth.


He is about 5/6ths of Meme Man's height


Unknown. it is irrelivant in surreal memes.


Eric (Meme Lads) unknown (satellite and riddle of the rocks 2)


Internet OriginEdit

slunker appeared in his first meme with the caption

"this is the money face it happens only once every 5000 years. repost in the next 20 seconds or you will never have money again."


slunker's origin is very similar to Orang 's, suggesting that the two memes were originally created by the same person. slunker went on to become a character in satelite dishes and meme lads.


He is presumably related to Meme Man, which is highly possible because they lived together in Meme Lads with three other meme faces, though it is not certain. In Meme Lads, he is also referred to as "Slunker" although this is not his official name.

Riddle of the Rocks Edit

He is absent for all parts of the official Riddle of the Rocks, except after the Riddle of the Rocks credits, in which he gives satellite dishes to the Omniscronchulon.

Riddle of the Rocks 2Edit

In Riddle of the Rocks 2, Money Face further helps with punishment at the very end. Nothing is known about what happens after that.

Meme LadsEdit

In Meme Lads 2, Money Face (aka Slunker) took the money the lads had put aside for rent and used it to buy anime figurines, yet he couldn't return them, because he claimed to have "already eaten them".

The hecking boys go ahead to scronch him. Later, Birdman visits the death realm and takes him (now known as Death Lord Slunk) and the other lads back to the life realm.


In some memes, he tries to sell satellite dishes to people, and no matter what the "customer" says, he gives them the satellite dishes anyway. The fact that he always has satelite dishes points towards him having something to store his satelite dishes.

Abilities Edit

Satelite DihsesEdit

Slunker masters the ability to throw hundreds of sattelites from an unknown source. Doing this can make man beings angery which he doesn't seem to take into account. The satellite dishes he throws at people are simply the "Dish" of a sattelite and are not connected to a tower or power source.


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