Grand Pillar Cl'egius, or simply the Grand Pillar, is the founder and leader of the Council of the Ancients.


He looks like an average Surreal Meme Pillar, but with a beard, a monocle, and a few characters in Japanese written on his side. He also seems to be the only good Pillar in existence, while all the others are evil. Even he, however, is untrustworthy (but only in BagelBoy's timeline). The characters beside the beard are written in Japanese (katakana) which are literally pronounced as "Remon" meaning Lemon, the answer to the Riddle of the Rocks, which is used to acquire the OCTAHEDRON OF TRANSCENDENCE from the Elephoont of the Shapes.


In Timotainment's video, Council of the Ancients, he and the other members of the Council sentenced Meme Man to Yamnation, where he was found by Orang and rescued.

In Timotainment's other video, Quest for the Octahedron, it was revealed that the Grand Pillar was the brother of the Pillar Lord (the Pillar from the Riddle of the Rocks), who was controlling him and the rest of the Council.

In Riddle of The Rocks 2, the Grand Pillar is shown to be a fake, while the real Grand Pillar is more attentive on Meme Man's previous actions.

In the Poseidonheir series, Cl’egius was possessed by an evil pillar, and became untrustworthy.

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