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Dr. COOL Jasper, sometimes mistakenly called minor antagonist in the Surreal Memes universe. A being of mostly pure chaos and destruction, he runs amok freezing any who dare utter the forbidden phrase: "ICE"

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Like all picardia faces, Dr. COOL Jasper is a floating head with two hands and sunglasses placed over his eyes.


COOL Jasper is much larger than Meme Man and Orang, as seen in Riddle of the Rocks

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He had first appeared in "What TyPe of BEPOS are You" in which after Meme Man lamented the lack of ice cuboids in his DRINCC, he was promptly attacked and frozen by Jasper, who proceeded to beg for Retweets. Since then, he has become a rare and mysterious figure, but it's clear that he causes fear in the population of the Surreal Memes universes.


According to a meme from the future, he had since left the realm trillions of years ago, but left such a lasting effect that the populace of it still avoid uttering the word "ICE" lest they incur his wrath yet again. He has also appeared in another one called "I c e D D R A N K" in which meme man is offering Orang a glass of ice but then he appears. Also appearing in another one with a name to long so here's the link.


Dr. COOL Jasper has little known about him, but it is clear he means trouble. He has a powerful ability that allows him to come to their position and freeze anyone who utters the forbidden word "ICE" without any regard to physical or dimensional distance in between him and the speaker. It's not clear what significance this word has to him to cause this behavior, but many are strongly encouraged to avoid usage of it.


  • He has a tendancy to beg for Retweets in exchange for free Ipods and access to THE OCTAHEDRON. These are likely false promises and are to be ignored at all costs. It is suspected that his power is fueled by retweets.

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  • Dr. Cool Jasper is in fact a blue version of Picardía, which is/was a meme used to mock ideologies, countries, and other nations
  • In BagelBoy's adaptation of the meme, the theme of Dr. COOL Jasper is the Silver Surfer NES title screen theme.

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